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Why everyone should know how to drive with a manual transmission

manual transmission

The trend is towards automation, and we are concerned. In the same way that we men today have forgotten how to shave properly, we are beginning to forget the art of mastering the manual gearbox. In the US, over 80% of all cars are equipped with an automatic transmission, and in Europe and Sweden, the trend is in the same direction. In 2011, almost 33% of all new cars were equipped with automatic transmission, and in 2013 that figure was over 40%. So what’s so special about driving a manual transmission? We list 5 reasons!

It’s more fun.

Driving a car with an automatic feels passive and artificial. A car with a manual gearbox links man and machine in a way few other objects can. In the same way that the fingers feel the steering wheel’s vibrations and give the driver a feeling for the road surface under the car, the vibrations in the palm on the gear lever and under the sole of the clutch also give a feeling for the car’s driveline. And you must also keep track of the car’s meters, including the tachometer, and actively think about the entire driving process. You get to know the car on a completely different level. In this way, man and machine become one, in the same way, football players talk about becoming one with the ball.


As the trend is that fewer and fewer people are learning how to drive a car with a manual gearbox, it is natural that the demand for them decreases. Look around car listings, and you will notice that cars with manual transmissions are often sold cheaper than cars with automatic transmission. And at the same time, they are also often cheaper to run than cars with automatic transmissions (even though many newer models have reduced this gap).

When you learned to drive a manual transmission, you learned to drive ALL passenger cars.

You do not want to end up in a tricky situation where you may have to drive your friend’s manual car for some reason. Or when you have to rent a car, and the only thing on offer is a manual gearbox. Knowing how to drive a car with a manual transmission frees you from these worries. As the expression goes; It is better to know and not need, than to need and not know.

Can be started without jump cables.

Just put the gear in second, turn the key and ask someone to push the car a little while you press the clutch and accelerator pedal and you are good-to-go. For descriptive pictures, see this link.

Driving vintage.

Vintage cars are only sold with manual transmission. Duh! It is obvious that vintage cars only come with manual transmission. So if you ever want to feel the pleasure of driving one of these, you must have mastered driving a car with a manual transmission.

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