Get to Know Us

- Our Mission -

Make people love shaving
We do this by developing high-quality products with natural ingredients that are kind to the wallet and the environment.

One size fits all?

No, we are not a fashion company. We sell razors and accessories for it. But the fashion market is filled with alternatives that suits the individual, there are a plethora of alternatives, including color, size and fabric and much more than that. For men's skin care and shaving, however, there have never really been alternatives. Even though we all have different types of hair growth and skin. Some of us have a rough beard, some curly and others have a thin sensitive outer layer of skin, and so all the combinations in between. Add to that the diverse climate different individuals live in. Vali & Co. was founded to truly offer an alternative to this overlooked audience. A target group that in different populations can be up to four out of five people.

A market in turmoil

For perhaps almost a whole century, the global shaving market was dominated by only one company with over 70% market share. In the last five to ten years alone, their share has fallen by almost half (Euromonitor). During this period, the global market for shaving products has only decreased by 5-10%. It's not strange when one assume that everyone is born equal and even that we all have an equal wallet.

The search for alternatives

We examined markets and countries far away from Nordic Europe. We discovered that, for example, in countries in Asia such as India, or countries in the Middle East, there is no company that holds a monopoly position. Here, they have even historically and time and time again tried to penetrate the market with their one-size-fits-all mentality. Just to be rejected quickly. We understood that in these countries men often have a rough beard, perhaps a little curly and maybe even sensitive skin. They may not have a wallet as big as ours in the West. Like us, they understood that the option offered did not work for them.

The old meets the new

At the same time, the development of classic wet shaving products has come a long way. We took the best we could find and combined it with the new to really be able to offer an alternative. With double edge razor blades sharp enough to cut even the coarsest of hairs without friction and pull, state-of-the-art shaving brush made with soft synthetic fibers without any animal hairs, shaving cream that is saponified without drying out the skin and aftershave that moisturizes and repairs instead for drying out and stinging. And best of all, is that these skin care shaving products are environmentally friendly. The razor blades can be recycled, the shaving creams do not contain any chemical pollutants and drying propellants and the aftershave is free of alcohol.
vali safety razor sketch

Our Values


Our products should be easy to understand and use.


Anyone who wants better health and skin should be able to afford it.


We are inspired by our customers. They are the reason for our continued work.


Everyone is different - different is good. Everyone should be able to easily and to a fair price improve their health and skin. We welcome everyone, regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, age, gender, functional variation or sexual orientation.
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