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Men with curly beards or women who often shave the “bikini area” often experience razor bumps, they can be difficult to get rid of due to the shape of the hair growth. Ingrown hairs or razor bumps can often be a side effect of poor shaving technique and poorly adapted products. However, ingrown hairs can be avoided and prevented with the right shaving technique and products.

Read here for a more in-depth explanation and guide to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps after shaving.

The first shave is an experience most of us persistently wait for to experience when we grow up. Once the first hairs have grown and we pick out the newly purchased razor, that enthusiasm quickly turns into something terrible. The result is immense burning and redness of the skin, rashes, razor bumps, and cuts!

But it does not have to be that way. With the right products and technique, the shaving experience can instead be transformed into something relaxing and help you towards healthier skin.

Included with all our razor purchases is a link to our in-depth shaving guide; So you don’t have to relieve that first horrible shave ever again.

Razor bumps are when hair is stuck under the skin. Probably a result of poor shaving technique and the use of inappropriate products. However, acne or pimples result from health, genes, hormones, hygiene, and/or diet. If you only see pimples after shaving, they are probably ingrown hairs. However, acne can look the same, so it can be difficult to tell the difference. You can even have both!

A simple household trick to get rid of razor bumps after they have occurred is to use a toothbrush. Gently brush on the razor bumps before going to bed. Never use tweezers or similar to pull out the hair.

But, the best thing you can do against razor bumps, is to improve your shaving technique, so that they never occur in the first place.

High-budget marketing may have gotten you thinking differently! Multi-blade razors are designed according to the principle of “hysteresis”. Hysteresis refers to the first blade pulling up the hair, and the second cutting it. As a result, when the hair grows back from under the skin, the probability of it getting stuck under the skin will increase, especially for men with curly and coarse hair growth.

To achieve this effect, manufacturers of multi-blade razor systems place the blades very tightly between each other. Unfortunately, for us with curly and coarse hair growth, this means that the hair often gets stuck between the blades and that the hair is pulled out from the root instead of being cut off.

Instead, Vali safety razors use only a sharp, high-quality blade that shaves directly at the skin level without pulling and tugging, allowing the hairs to grow back normally after shaving.

If you have severe problems with razor bumps, it is generally recommended to stop shaving for about 2-3 weeks so that the hair can grow back naturally. And then start shaving again.

If you do not have severe problems or have allowed all your hair to grow back, we recommend that you shave every or every other day. Why?

If your hair is curly/coarse and you let it grow too long, the probability is high that it will grow back into the skin. Keeping it short at the surface prevents this.
Shorter hair is easier and more comfortable to shave. You will need fewer strokes and get done faster.

When you shave, you exfoliate your skin naturally. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and exposes new fresh skin.

You will train your skin and increase the comfort level of the shave.

Preparing the skin before shaving by moisturizing and warming it up with warm water increases the elasticity of the hair strands by over 25%. In this way, one razor blade is enough to get a close shave. If you are still not satisfied, try shaving across the direction your hair grows (not recommended for those with sensitive skin or who have problems with razor bumps).

Across the grain means that you do not shave against the growth of the hair follicles but instead “diagonally”. For most men, this means shaving side to side. That is, in the direction from the ear to the nose.

If you have problems with razor bumps and skin irritation after shaving, it is important that you use a shaving brush when you shave or use an exfoliating cleansing cream. A shaving brush removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells and dirt where many ingrown hairs get stuck. At the same time, it also lifts the hair strands for a softer and closer shave, which means that you do not have to shave over the same area several times. If you use a shaving brush, you also do not need to use shaving lather in spray cans containing drying chemical ingredients, instead use a high-quality shaving cream or shaving soap that you lather up with the shaving brush.

Let your hair grow for a few days. Then gently feel with your fingers by going up and down the hair. You will feel if it receives more when you “go up” with your fingers, it means that the hair grows down.

Yes, since the razor only uses one razor blade, and because the razor has no obstructing strips, you can create edges with optimal precision. A single platinum-plated razor blade helps you shape beard edges and sharp beard lines with precise accuracy.

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Sweden, and currently, we can handle Danish, German and Swedish orders.

First, you will receive an email notifying you and us that a purchase has just started, i.e., order confirmation. Later, you will receive an email stating that the item/items have been sent, together with the shipment number. And finally, a notification to your specified email address / mobile number that the goods can be picked up at your nearest postal agent if they did not fit in your mailbox.

Free shipping on all orders above 49 EUR. Other order shipping charges are dependent on means of delivery, product weight and total price of order. Please proceed to checkout to see current shipping options for your order.

It usually takes 2-5 working days from the order date until the item is at your postal agent/address.

Yes. You have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you receive the package. The product(s) must be unused and unpacked. When exchanging or using the right of withdrawal, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping. Please note that you must always contact customer service before returning an item.

Yes! We offer a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee. Should you not be satisfied, you can contact us and let us know why together with your order number. We will do our best to help resolve your concerns or offer a full refund.

In the event of manufacturing defects, we are always responsible for return shipping, alternatively, a full refund of your order. Contact us, and we will gladly assist you.

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