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Shave guide women

For women’s shaving with safety razor

For your first shave, we recommend starting with your legs. It is a little easier than other areas because you see what you are doing, and the surface you are shaving on is flat. The techniques we go through here can then be applied to other areas such as armpits and the bikini area.

Take your time for your first shave, use a light but steady hand, and start by shaving with the grain to reduce skin irritation and razor bumps after shaving. Use short strokes and move on to longer ones when you feel more comfortable with the razor. If you want a closer shave, you can try shaving across the hair growth after first shaving with the grain.

Step 1, Preparation

Moisten and Clean

The very best and easiest way to prepare for shaving is a shower. The warm water and steam open up your pores and soften the hairs.

Take the opportunity to clean the skin a little extra with our loofah; it exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells. The result is a softer, closer, and irritation-free shave.

female cleaning legs with loofa sponge
Step 2, prepare the safety razor

Fresh Razor Blades

Insert the double edge razor blades into the safety razor as shown below. Tighten until it is secure and slightly bent. Do not use the razor blades more than 3-5 times. After that, they start pulling and tugging on the skin and hair.

Step 3, shave lather

Protect and Lubricate

Apply your favorite gel or shaving oil, try to avoid regular soap. Regular soap is not enough for a protective and lubricating layer of shaving foam. Regular soap can also dry out and irritate the skin when shaving.

female lathering legs with shaving cream
Step 4, using the safety razor

Light and Steady Hand

Angle the razor against the skin at an angle of about 30-40 degrees until you feel the razor blade hitting the skin. Then work with a light hand and avoid pressing against the skin. Use short strokes until you feel comfortable with the razor, then you can start shaving with longer strokes.

woman shaving legs with safety razor
Step 5, finish

Moisturize and Repair

When satisfied, rinse with cold water to close the pores and gently pat yourself dry with a towel. Then moisten with our aftershave balm.

woman applying aftershave lotion on legs after shaving
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