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How to perform a Kamikaze attack

kamikaze pilot on red and white background

In May 1945, Japanese Major Hayashino wrote a handbook for Japanese kamikaze pilots. It gives precise instructions on how to inflict maximum damage on an enemy ship, what to do and think about before a collision. Before a collision, it is recommended, among other things, that the pilot screams from the top of his lungs to boost self-confidence. Below are some excerpts from the manual – entitled: “Basic Instructions for To-Go Flyers (codename for Special Attack Corps)”:

Page 13:

Before taking off, visualize the target. Breathe deeply three times. Say in your mind: ‘Yah’ [field], ‘Kyu’ [ball], ‘Joh’ [all right] as you breathe deeply. Yahkyujoh! Keep the plane straight at the runway. Otherwise, you may damage the chassis. Fly in circles over the runway with a height of at least 200 meters, keep your nose poked downwards.

Page 15:

Maintain a high level of spiritual training. To achieve the highest capacity, you must prepare your inner self. Some say that the soul comes before skill, but they are wrong. The soul and the skill are one. The two elements must be mastered together. The soul helps the skill. The skill helps the soul.

Page 23:

The attack. When you see your target, remove the bomb’s safety pin. Increase to maximum speed and dive! Surprise the enemy. Do not give him the chance to answer the fire. Be alert and prepared for the enemy to change course.

Page 38:

The plane tends to try to lift. Hold down the lever to allow even higher speeds. Do your best. Push forward with all your might. You have lived for 20 years or more. Exercise supernatural strength. Do not close your eyes, so you do not miss the target. Many have crashed with open eyes. They can testify to how much fun they had.

Page 39:

illustration of kamikaze pilot inside aircraft before crash

You are now 30 meters away from your target. It now feels as if the speed is increasing thousands of times. It’s just like in a movie where you first see everything from a distance, and where the image then suddenly changes to extreme close-ups and explodes in your face.

The moment of the crash. You are now 2-3 meters from the goal. You can clearly see the muzzles of enemy weapons and cannons. It feels like you’re floating in the air. At that moment, you can see your mother’s face. She neither laughs nor cries. She just looks like herself.

Page 43:

Yasukuni temple in spring

Remember to shout “Hissatsu!” (sink without fail!) from the top of your lungs as you crash into the enemy. At that moment, all the cherry blossoms of the Yasukuni Shrine will radiate towards you like a thousand brilliant happy smiles.

Kamikaze attack on USS Essex:

All chapters in the book:

The Mission of a To-Go Unit
How to Decide on the Method of the Last Dive
Principles Everyone Should Know
Commencing the Attack
Ultra-Low Altitude Attack
The Best Place to Crash Into a Ship
Types of American Planes
Taking Advantage of Clouds
Sunshine and Moonshine
How to fly under enemy radar


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