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5 advanced tips for an irritation-free shave

man with razor burn

The winter months are approaching, and with that comes many increased shaving problems. The basis of all wet shaving is of course technique. If you have not read our shaving guide already, do so at this link. Read on here for more “advanced” tips on how to survive the winter months without razor burn.

Adapt to the climate

Moisture and temperature affect your skin. As we approach the winter months, it is important that you use products that moisturize well. Our shaving cream is of course a good moisturizing shaving cream, but you can also try smearing some coconut or olive oil on the skin before shaving for an even better post-shave feeling. Afterward, the recommendation is to skip the alcohol splash, but instead use a little aftershave balm in drier climates.

In the evening, you can use a so-called night cream that keeps the skin moist during sleep. Night creams are thicker than aftershave balms that are quickly absorbed by the skin.

Know your skin

Knowing what skin type you have will help in the long run to prevent skin irritation. Usually, dermatologists refer to four different skin types; these are “normal”, “oily”, “dry” or “combination”. The last, “combination,” is the most common. This means that the skin will be dry in some places and oily in others. Usually follows a “T-pattern,” where the skin is oily around the nose and forehead. But dry in other places.

So how do you find out your skin type? Just pay attention to how your skin behaves. Do you often get pimples (signs of oily skin)? Or does the skin often flake off (dry skin)? Where and how often? If you often get pimples and your skin feels very oily, you probably have oily skin. If it is dry and feels tight, you probably have dry skin. Then you probably need a so-called “moisturizer”. Oily skin should instead focus on exfoliating and keeping the skin clean. Whereas with dry skin, too much cleaning can feel even drier and tight after cleansing. Try to keep your face wash only twice a day for dry skin, morning and evening. Even with oily skin, too much cleansing can cause the skin to produce even more oil due to the natural oil that disappears during cleansing. Just pay attention to how your skin behaves and after a while, you will “get the hang of it”.

Shave less frequent

Maybe it sounds like a strange tip from a company that sells shaving products. When shaving, try to use as few blades as possible, and try to keep the number of strokes you pull the razor against the skin as few as possible. And use minimal pressure on the skin. This will retain much more of the skin’s natural oils that the skin desperately needs during drier climates. And do not be afraid to pause shaving for a day or two during the week; your skin will thank you during the winter months.


Vaseline works in such a way that it protects your skin from external “forces”. Keep this in mind, tattoo artists use Vaseline to protect fresh tattoos from infections, and to reduce bleeding. So if it’s good enough for your sensitive, freshly tattooed skin, then it’s good for your facial skin too, right?

For example, say you would shave in the evening but experience some razor burn afterward. Then wash the skin gently and apply a little vaseline over the skin overnight.


Did you know that tannic acid from tea can help reduce inflammation? The next time you experience razor burn, try enjoying a cup of green tea and then pressing the bag over the skin. Obviously, you should of course let the bag cool down first…

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