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Find the right beard style for you

different beard styles

As we enter the cold winter months, many men let their beards grow. And just as there are clothes that fit certain body shapes better, there are also beards that fit certain face shapes better. We’ve written a guide to help you choose a beard hairstyle.

There are five common face shapes within which more than 90% of all men can be archived in. And you probably fit into one of them or a combination of them.

The five most common face shapes:

  1. Oblong
  2. Round
  3. Square
  4. Oval
  5. Triangular

Read on to find out what face shape you have and our recommendations for choosing a beard hairstyle that compliments your individual bone structure. We, of course, recommend that you use your Vali safety razor with fresh blades to get the fine lines for all these styles.

Oblong face shape

An elongated face shape should have a greater weight of facial hair on the sides than on the chin. And maybe even extend the mustache a bit to break off. This way, the face does not look as long.

Round face shape

Characterized by balanced proportions and even curvature. We recommend a beard hairstyle that makes a face look a little more oval for the best balance. Put weight around the jaw and avoid long sideburns. Examples of beard hairstyles with weight around the jaw are: “The Circle Beard,” The Goatee, Van Dyke, and Anchor Beard.

Square face shape

Squared face shapes often have a strong jaw line. Often considered the most masculine face shape. Focus on trying to soften your strong jawline. A trimmed short full beard can also work office hours. Just make sure to keep your lines nicely trimmed. For best results, use the Vali safety razor with only a double-edged blade. The above-mentioned beard hairstyles for round face shapes can also give the face a more oval look.

Oval face shape

Congratulations to you who have an oval face shape. Most things fit you. You are free to experiment however you want.


Characterized by a tapering chin. Try to add width to the face shape. Avoid putting too much weight around the chin which will make the shape look even sharper. A Fu-Manchu (hooligan) or trimmed sideburns puts weight aside instead.

That being said, facial hair is not a science. Personal preferences, how thick/strong the beard is, type of beard, curly, coarse, and so on play an important role when deciding on a beard style. Below you will find some examples of beard hairstyles that can serve as inspiration.

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