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How shaving can change your life

man preparing shaving lather with shaving brush

If I told you that you could improve your health, save money, help the environment and feel better about yourself by doing something you probably already do every day, would you be interested?

What is most surprising is that this method has been around for over 100 years… What I am talking about is traditional wet shaving where you use a shaving brush, shaving soap / cream, and a so-called safety razor. Before dismissing this idea, let’s take a look at the benefits.

  1. Improve your health. Probably the single biggest reason why men start with classic wet shaving is the promise of fresher, healthier skin. Many men have begun to look for alternative methods to achieve smooth and soft skin, tired of irritation and ingrown hairs. Wet shaving not only helps with shaving problems, but your face will also thank you for the extra appreciation. Unlike canned shaving foam (also known as “canned goo”) and aftershaves filled with chemicals and low-cost ingredients, traditional products are filled with nutrients and skin-friendly moisturizers. Your face will feel and look healthier.
  2. Save money. We know how it feels to buy razor blades as expensive as the finest kilo of beef fillet. One would prefer to believe that the experience would match the price. However, men are becoming increasingly frustrated with the expensive multi-blade cartel that drives up prices. Typical double-edge razor blades can cost as little as pennies per blade, saving you money and leaving disposable income to buy better creams, soaps, and aftershaves instead.
  3. Reduce your impact on the environment. With traditional wet shaving, the only thing wasted is the foam you flush down the drain and a simple metal blade, which is easily recycled. The foam down through the tap is also more environmentally friendly because it is only soap instead of chemical “canned goo”. You can even try a straight razor if you want to reduce your environmental impact even more.
  4. Affect your well-being. It is common knowledge that you feel better when you look your best. Starting the morning with a perfect shave followed by a high-quality aftershave not only leaves you smelling superb but also clean and professional. I am constantly amazed at how well my day starts if I only take a few extra minutes to pamper myself with a good shave. I feel alert, energetic, and confident to cope with the day.
  5. It’s fun! And last but not least, for the above reasons, you might end up finding your shaving routine fun too. Scrubbing your face with a soft, high-quality brush and good-smelling shaving cream is just as luxurious every time. You may also find pride in having learned to use traditional products that require some skill to use properly. You may even go into the world of straight razors and teach yourself to shave the same way your great-grandfather once shaved. And in that way evoke a sense of tradition and a connection to the past.

The diabetic man (aka Joakim Mattson) was so kind that he wanted to try our products. Below you see what it looked like; you can find his blog at this link.

man using shaving brush on skin
man preparing shaving lather with shaving brush

So, now that I have convinced you. Here is a little quick how-to guide.

Prepare the beard.

The basis of all wet shaving is good preparation. There are a plethora of different methods but the key is to moisturize the beard. A wet beard is easier to cut and results in less pulling, tugging and irritation.

Create your lather.

Use a damp shaving brush and apply the cream / soap on top of it and then build a lather with circular motions directly on the face or in a bowl. Do this until the foam is just as fluffy and reminiscent of meringue whisk.

Shave your beard.

The key to mastering shaving with a safety razor is to use light pressure and the right angle. It may take a little extra time in the beginning. But it’s worth it. Anyone can learn to use it. Do not be afraid to shave in several passes after learning the technique for an even closer shave.

After shaving.

Now that you have a smooth face, it is important to follow up with a moisturizing aftershave. This helps to reduce irritation that may have occurred, especially during the learning period, and it protects the skin during the day. A well-moisturized skin looks and is healthier.

You can read the entire guide here. But Youtube is also a good source of information for shaving with safety razors.

Do you have questions or concerns about classic wet shaving or just in general about shaving? Do not hesitate to contact us; you find the link below. And of course, we also have everything you need to get started at a reduced price right now in our store.

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