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Prepare the shave like a real barber

barbershop towel shave

The best thing about going to the barber is all the warm damp towels he puts on the face. It is very relaxing. And not only that, at the same time, this softens the beard and prepares the skin for the best shave it will ever experience.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have time to visit the barber every other day to get this done. But you can achieve the same result at home with just a little extra preparation. It is a good extra routine to add your shaving routine for those times when you have extra time left over. Why not save this for the weekend? Below we have written a guide on how you can get this done at home.

# 1 Choose a towel

Any regular towel can be used. Of course, you do not want to use an oversized towel.

# 2 Select an essential oil

essential oil lavender
Essential oil, optional.

This is, of course not mandatory. But barbers usually “spice” the towel with a few drops of essential oil. The choice of which essential oil you want to use totally up to you. In addition to smelling good, essential oils also have good effects on the skin and mind, among other things. Eucalyptus will have a very refreshing effect and is good if you have a cold, while lavender will have a relaxing and calming effect and is good for you with sensitive skin. You can find essential oils in any health food store.

# 3 Warm the towel


The easiest way, of course, is to put the towel in the bathroom sink and turn the tap to the highest heat until it is warm enough. This method’s disadvantage is that it takes a very long time for some households until the water gets warm enough, and some households do not have access to the hot water required to get the towel really warm.

Heat in the microwave


Another way is to put the towel in the microwave in a micro-safe bowl. Soak the towel in water and squeeze out excess water from it. Then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and you are done. Voila!

Heat water in a teapot


This method’s advantage is that you can hit two flies in one go. Simultaneously, as you make your morning coffee, you use a small part of the water to heat your towel. Be careful though, with this method, the towel and water can get really hot. You may need to wait a minute or two before using the towel.

# 4 Apply essential oil and put the towel on your face

Put only a few drops in the middle of the towel. They are very concentrated, so you don’t need a lot. Then apply the towel on your face for about 30 seconds until it starts to cool down. Then rub it gently against the direction of the beard growth; this way, the beard hairs are lifted up, and you will get a close and irritation-free shave you will never forget.

A tip is to save the towel until after you have finished shaving to wash the shaving cream off the skin. If you have used essential oils, you retain the effect from them in this way even after shaving.

Of course, you must also have read our shaving guide before to make sure that you use the right shaving technique. And if you’re a superhero, use a straight razor to shave, just like the barber. But for us mortals, a safety razor works just as well. Reminiscent in many ways of the shave you get from a barber.

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