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Shaving set

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Everything you need for a friction-free shave without skin irritation.

All-in-one shaving set, where in addition to our high-quality razor, you get a shaving brush which you create a protective layer of lather with, in addition, the shaving brush cleanses the skin and lifts the hair whiskers before shaving, and you finish, cool and repair the skin with our aftershave balm — everything fresh and mildly scented with skin-friendly lavender.

The full experience

All you need for the perfect shave.

vali safety razor on blue background

Safety razor

For a friction-free shave without pulling and tugging. Effective against curly and coarse hair growth, and is dermatologically recommended for razor bumps and irritated skin after shaving.

vali shaving cream tube on blue background

Shave cream

Creates a rich and thick lather that lifts the beard hairs and moisturizes and repairs the skin.

vali shaving brush on blue background

Shave brush

Whips up a creamy foam, cleanses the skin, and lifts the hairs for an even shave without razor bumps.

vali double edge razor blades on blue background

Double edge blades

Swedish steel, designed to slide over the skin with minimal friction. Recyclable, 100% stainless steel. (10 pieces)

vali aftershave balm on blue background


Alcohol-free, moisturizes and lubricates the skin to reduce inflammation and prevent razor bumps.

3 Reasons to switch

Money saver

Shave with fresh razor blades without the waste.

Less blades = Less irritation

Cuts evenly along with skin level without pulling on the hairs.


The only type of razor blades on the market that can be recycled 100%.

Ingredients to enhance the day

Carefully curated natural ingredients for your shaving comfort.

natural ingredients icon
mint leaves in a bowl


Refreshing and cooling

aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Naturally Anti-Inflammatory

lavender flower boquet


Classic barber scent, appreciated by both sexes

shea butter creative photo

Shea Butter

Moisturizing and lubricating.

Easy & Effortless

3 simple steps to a better shave. Link to shaving guide with text and video is always included.

1. Preparation mens beard hair direction
2. Lather man using shaving brush to later on face
3. Technique man shaving face vali safety razor

Experience the difference

Say goodbye to skin irritation, pulling, and tugging. Our safety razor is designed to give you a perfect shave without sacrificing the environment and affordability.

Vali Safety Razor Multi-Blade Razor
Effective against coarse beard growth
Helps reduce razor bumps after shaving
Helps reduce pulling and tugging
Affordable razor blades
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